Core values are what members of a political party have in common.
They may not agree on every issue but they share a collective goal.
I want a government whose primary goal is achieving social justice for everyone.
That is why I am standing as a Labour candidate in this General Election.
I was born in Sunderland to staunchly Labour parents.
Our family was always discussing the issues of the day and trying to put the world to rights.
My Rendall ancestors came from Shetland and I moved here eleven years ago.
I studied Archaeology and Ancient Hebrew at Glasgow University, and have worked in social care, administration, heritage, tourism and as an HGV driver.
I have experience of science interpretation, education, promotion, financial management, conservation and international liaison.
I am active in the voluntary sector in several roles, including Secretary of Shetland Heritage Association, Vice-Chair of Shetland Tourism Association and and Vice-Chair of Bressay Development Ltd.
I have engaged with many individuals and groups and gained an insight into the different interests and concerns that engage people across our society .
I believe that actions speak louder than words and am passionate about building a better world through cooperation.